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The Restaurant
The current site of The Grass Tree Cafe and Restaurant has over the years gone through several transformations.

In 1974 Cliff and Gwyn Ross began turning a 2 bedroom house into a doll museum. In August of 1976 it was officially opened as "The World of Little People"

Over the next 4 years a scale replica of Cliff's lead mine was created and with the opening of the mine exhibit in 1980 the name was changed to "Fantasyland"

Each morning Cliff would wonder across to the beach and discard his scraps from his morning fish. Over time the Pelicans began to realise that this happened at 8:45am every morning and has now become a popular tourist attraction with the feeding continued by local volunteers.

In 2002 The Grasstree Cafe and Restaurant was born and the building underwent further transormation to enable a 60 seat alfresco dining room with full sized kitchen and facilities.
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